The Last Chapter

Chapter 12 of Groundswell focuses on the overall value of social media. When a company is considering online expansion, there are many steps required in order to successfully perform in the online environment. Having SMART goals which align with your business strategy is key. Any uncertainty surrounding your company’s objectives can cause problems later on. The POST process is commonly used to ensure that your approach to people, objectives, strategy and technology is well-thought-out. However, there are several related components that should be considered before/during implementation, such as; market challenges and competition, social technographics, online communication, public relations, as well as monitoring customer concerns and expectations. From a business standpoint a company must also ensure that social media is “adding value” to their company. This can be done by establishing a budget, tracking ROI, and reviewing customer feedback.

Taking all of this into consideration, some would argue that the most important component of a social media campaign is constant modification. Using the information generated to change or improve, then meet and maintain customer expectations, is what will set your company apart from the rest. Anyone can use social media, but not everyone can use it effectively!

If you havent read the Groundswell yet, I would suggest you do!

Also if you are looking for new social media sites to try out, I suggest downloading the Pinterest App on your smart phone or tablet. Its a great way to share ideas online!!

Pinterest logo

Until next blog….


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