Company Transformations: Setting Expectations

Chapter 10 of the Groundswell combines some of the skills, knowledge and lessons learned from previous chapters. These approaches allow companies to effectively connect and create the groundswell through Blogs, Micro-blogs, Podcasts as well as applicable social media sites. It also requires that companies operate with disclosure, transparency & full participation. Basically, it all comes down to defining and meeting the expectations of your audience. By doing this, a company can respond to customer demands/needs using the appropriate “etiquette” while shaping the future of their company. However, today’s consumers are becoming more demanding. In my opinion, “instant gratification” is the new standard. Long ago are the days when a 24hr response time is appropriate. This means that companies need to become proficient in identifying and responding to issues within a timely manner.

I recently read a fellow bloggers review on Best Buy and their lightning fast response time via Twitter. This individual said that someone responded to their tweet within minutes. To test this theory, I quickly tweeted a simple message to Best Buy as well as their sister store Future Shop to see if the response time was different. It’s been five minutes and I’m already disappointed with the result, no reply!  This is a classic example of how customer expectations must be upheld once they are set by the company.

Follow me on Twitter to see if Best Buy or Future Shop ever reply!


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One Response to Company Transformations: Setting Expectations

  1. kenticknap says:

    Just in case anyone is wondering, both stores have not sent a reply yet… too bad!

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