Public Relations Strategy

I think it should be mandatory for a company to have a public relations team. They help to avoid negative brand associations and resolve public issues. They are also beneficial for sharing information and considered ambassadors of public image. Naturally, this means they work with the marketing department to ensure the best public perceptions.

Speaking about public relations, there are many opportunities and threats associated with social media. At times it can seem like the threats outweigh the opportunities. Bad news can spread in a matter of minutes, leaving companies reluctant to expand their business online. Yet, word of mouth can allow for company success to be announced just as quickly.

With regards to my last blog, I realized that “personal public relation” is just as important. Although I try not to post things that are offensive, politically tied, or embarrassing, on my Facebook; the hacker who changed the password could have… He or she would have access to my friends list and the ability to send incriminating messages, post terrible pictures or add unprofessional comments to my wall. The thought of this was very unsettling, so I can only imagine how devastating a public relations scare would be for a large company. The speed in which information travels is growing every day so it is important to use social media to one’s advantage by developing a strategy for dealing with possible threats.

For anyone who is looking for some “personal public relations” advice, I suggest this video; it’s funny but also informative!

Until next blog….


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