Online Support

Chapter 8 discusses a few key areas that are important to helping the Groundswell support itself. When companies really began to move online, there were a few trends. One of these trends was reducing costs by sending customers online (e.g. company website) for information rather than speaking to customer service representative. This can improve efficiency for the company, but reduces the control of information. Yet, influence can be just as powerful as control! This chapter also focused on taking the time to speak with IT, media groups, and management to develop a dashboard that includes potential social measures to track online performance.

Looking at the lack of control aspect, there are many problems that can arise (e.g. false information or a lack of clarity for customers. Personally, I have visited a Hoax site before, thinking it was the real thing because it looked legitimate. I have also experienced problems finding the correct information when searching for it myself. This can cause issues for companies performing in the online environment and begs the question “will this add value to the customers or push them away?”…


This topic is very applicable to me right now because I had two of my email addresses and Facebook hacked last week. Let me just say, I did not realize how much I rely on technology and the internet to communicate until it was taken away from me. In my attempt to restore access to my Facebook I was given a few online options. First I could request a password reset email be sent to me (This would be an easy solution…. If I had access to my email…..which I didn’t.) – Very Frustrating!!

Therefore, the alternative was to lock my account so that no one, including myself, could access it until an “investigation” was done. This included filling out an online report and sending in a picture of my driver’s license to verify my identity. Although this seemed like a fair option, it was going to take at least one week and I wanted to resolve the issue sooner than that. So naturally, I spent an hour searching for a Facebook contact phone number, which does not exist, because they are TOTALLY online! Overall things worked out for me and my Facebook account was reactivated, but it raised another issue….


To be continued in my next blog….


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