The POST Process

Taking a look at Groundswell, chapter 4 talks about the importantance of having a clear goal when it comes to implementing technological change in an organization. It can be hard to develop your goals if a company/person does not understand how to use the most applicable aspects of emerging technology and why. The POST process can help clarify appropriate actions, opportunities and prevent groundswell approach-voidance syndrome.

POST: Is a four step planning process used to assess how companies and individuals can most effectively build their groundswell strategy. This is the foundation of groundswell thinking because it allows companies to assess what kind of technology their company and customers are ready for. the following look at how/why a company should use POST.

People: Looking at the first part of the process, the company will need to decide which people they are targeting and how that can be done using technology. In this case a Social-Technographics profile is usually the best approach because it will identify their target market and prevent techniques and technology from being implemented too early/ too late. This will in turn add value for the customers rather than overwhelm them.

Objectives: The next step is to determine the objectives for the company. These goals should align will the company mission to benefit the organization internally and externally. To successfully pursue the groundswell, five main objectives have been developed; listening (how to better understand your customers for marketing and development purposes), talking (spreading messages through increased online presence), energizing (customer word of mouth), supporting (use technology to help your customers), and embracing (customer integration). The goal of these objectives overall is to increase communication among customers through technology integration within the company.

Strategy: This will be followed by the development of an implementation strategy. Here the company will need to decide how they want the changes to be shared with customers, how much engagement is required, and how to avoid transition problems with customer relationships. This will give them a good indication of the technology that would work best for that organization.

Technology: This is the final step where a company must decide what tools they will utilize in order to meet their goals. When making this decision, they must also consider “what could go wrong?”. For example, technology is constantly changing, to avoid problems; a plan may need to be adjusted several times as the needs of customers change or the competition shifts. In addition, companies should also keep in mind basic questions like; “how can we expand on this approach in the future, who will manage the project and what are the consequences of our plan”. Successfully implementing the last step in POST is critical for enhancing a company’s entrance into the groundswell.

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