Talking vs. Marketing

Looking at chapter 6 in Groundswell “talking” is discussed. This is different from marketing because it is actions taken by the company that encourage public “talking” rather than communicating to the target audience directly. The four most effective forms of this are posting videos, social networking sites, blogging, and online communities.

This chapter in Groundswell also looks at “When Should Brands Use Social Networks?”. Raising this question is important for effectively reaching the right audience. I currently work for NEWAD. This is a marketing agency that ONLY targets the young and affluent. As a result, social media/ technology is a component in almost every campaign we create. Although we are “marketing”, many of our campaigns create buzz and generate additional online conversations among users.

When making a campaign we check to see if the clients target market is already online. It is vital that a company move forward based on the level of positive feedback for the brand. If they have a “popular” following already, less effort will be required in the approach (e.g. Coca Cola, Disney, Northlands CFR). This does not mean we will put in less effort, it just means customers are already “talking” about the brand and will seek out content  or make it themselves; rather relying on marketing for information. We normally use a combination of print and technology in order to encourage the target market to go online. You may have seen our print ad space around the universities and bars of Edmonton. We are most known for our bathroom stall advertisements and vivid 3D print boxes (see below).  These are used to generate traffic to a company’s Facebook page or online contest application. We try to avoid reusing ideas that may not have been successful for other companies and find unique ways to encourage public communication (experiential marketing using iPad’s to get people talking on their own Facebook pages).

For more information about NEWAD see their website:

For more information about customer “talking”… keep reading my blog for information on other companies and content I find blog-worthy!!!!

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