Collaborative Communities & the Company

Chapter 11 focuses on collaboration through social media. This does not mean a company should rely solely on technology to communicate; but rather, implement changes that will alter the company culture and their employee’s behavior. When implemented properly, this can transform the way a company functions and increase efficiency in multiple departments.

The example provided in Groundswell discusses Best Buy and how they are empowering staff through applications like “Blue Shirt Nation”. This is a site where employees can circulate ideas and problems as well as connect with other best buy staff. This also allows them to search for advice and provides a social opportunity/boosts moral. However, some managers were initially nervous that promoting increased staff discussion would result in “revolts”. Yet so far, it has resulted in staff moral and communication increases. Managers were then able to gain insight into employees overall needs. This has, and will continue to, pinpoint deeper issues within the company and avoid wasting resources on unnecessary changes.

The video “Blue Shirt Nation” mentions that the managers have now taken on a leadership role, where listening to staff opinions is sometimes more important that acting on senior managements original plans for the company. Staff are encouraged to speak their minds, providing them with an opportunity to create organizational change. This process could easily be applied to multiple industries to foster better communication!

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