Can You Hear It Coming???

Chapter 5 of the Groundswell focuses on “listening to the groundswell”. This basiclly means that social media plays a role in how consumers view your brand. Their opinions can be shared on such a large scale that customer parse and disapproval can make or break your company’s image. Their personal opinions can be formed by marketing or reviews, but also post-purchase feedback. Listening to this feedback and learning from it/acting on it can is a key planning tool when developing a social media plan. (social feedback cycle)


Recently, I wrote a report for my Change Management class which relates to this topic. My paper was on the Walt Disney Company and their “Landmark Nutrition Guidelines” as well as the “Magic of Healthy Living” campaign! As an influential company, Disney wanted to set a new standard for children’s advertising. As a result, they started a campaign in 2006 which would  reduce the amount of “junk food” associated with all aspects of their company and its affiliates. Although the changes will not be fully implemented until 2015, they have done a fantastic job of listening to their consumers complaints and responding accordingly. For more information please refer to their website:

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