The Power of Social Technographics

The novel Groundswell was written to address the changing pace of social media in 2006. This trend was caused by an influx of online participation from the public as well as many organizations. Chapters one and two focus on what the groundswell really is and why it happens. It also focuses on how the groundswell can be used to a company’s advantage; by evaluating the effectiveness of new technologies in relation to one’s product/service offerings and their clientele.

Looking closer at chapter 3, this section focuses on the Social Technographics Profile. This profile is most effective for understanding how social technologies are being adopted in general. Once that is done, a company can assess if their customers would benefit from adjusting the current social strategy. Consumer participation can then be broken into six categories; Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators and Inactives.

I found Table 1-3 in the book to be quite interesting. It showed that “Asian countries participate in groundswell activities at the highest rates in the world.” (pg50). This does not surprise me because much of our innovative technology comes from overseas. Therefore, it makes sense that they would start the groundswell, before the technology reaches North America. For example, I frequently read reviews online for products that are not yet available in Canada. I am able to do this because Creators and Critics usually create “buzz” before a new technology is released worldwide!!

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