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I am currently enrolled in my last year of the BBA program at NAIT majoring in Marketing. This blog is an educational requirement for me; however, I was given the opportunity to take it online! To give you an idea of the type of material I will be writing about, my course is entitled Social Media Marketing (NAIT Course Code: MARK 474). Overall, the goal of my blog is to connect with people, more specifically, share with you my thoughts on Social Media!

mza_8073056210405637596_175x175-75To give you an idea of my personal interests and topics I will cover in my blog; have a look at my Twitter account (  I did not use Twitter very much before starting this blog. However, I have recently started following other students at NAIT, influential Marketing people/groups and celebrities like Justin Berber and Ellen DeGeneres (Both are great at connecting with fans over social media!)

untitledI now have a personal Facebook and Twitter account which allow me to conect with my friends and family. However, although I am a marketing student, I am still learning how to use social media for work. I will be updating my LinkedIn account and searching for a job soon; so I hope that this course will help clarify what is required of staff/companies that engage in social media. I then plan to share my knowledge with you!

naitAs a fourth year student, I know it can be difficult to take online classes; so, in addition to discussing social media, I plan to provide comments about my class (MARK474) in the last blog post. My hope is that I will also help future students who are considering online education.


I look forward to hearing what other people have to say about my blog, so don’t be shy, reply!!!

Until next blog….


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